What is Ozone?

100% Organic & Eco-friendly


No residue or harmful chemicals left behind

No damage to materials and it won’t stain fabric;

Takes only minutes to sanitize a small area;

Sanitizes the most difficult to reach surfaces.


OZONE is a force of nature with no side effects and 100% ECOLOGICAL.

Ozone is an unstable and colorless GAS composed of trivalent oxygen (03) that is found in nature. It’s in the atmosphere for irradiation of the solar ultraviolet rays, or through the electrical charges produced during storms. It is present in the mountains in greater concentrations and that’s what gives us freshness and pure air perception.

Ozone is a natural GAS with a very high oxidant power, with the peculiarity of dissolving without leaving traces or chemical residuals. Its high oxidant power and its natural tendency to convert back to oxygen (02), make it a GAS with high properties of use in many applications for the treat­ment of air and water.

Its particular instability doesn’t allow it to be stored and as a consequence, it has to be produced in the place where it is used without people and animals around.


Sanitize with Ozone:  Easy, Quick, 100% Eco-Friendly.  

Among every disinfectants, ozone is the most effective natural agent against bacteria, viruses and bad smells. Its disinfecting power is higher even than chlorine and it’s most effective than the traditional and widespread chemical cleansers.

Neutralizes bacteria
and viruses

It removes more than 99% of bacteria,
germs, viruses, yeasts, moulds,
fungus, spores, pollen and dust mites.

Removes bad odors

It removes the unpleasant

odors of smoking, mold, cooking,
perspiration and animal fur.

Repels Infesting insects

It repels flies, mosquitos,
fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches,
ants and little rodents.

Ecological and low-cost

It disinfects without the necessity
of refills, additives, or chemical detergents.
It doesn’t release toxic
residues in the environment.


It penetrates in-depth and reaches the most hidden points where bacteria and
allergens settle.


It sanitizes without damaging fabric, pieces of furniture, and equipment It is not
flammable and it doesn’t cause irritation to skin.

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Sanitize with Ozone:  Easy, quick, 100% eco-friendly